Chayce's Day Home


Chayce's Day Home is a Montessori inspired home daycare in south Calgary Alberta. 

Chayce works hard to make sure all the toys are open ended , inspire imagination, and encourage learning.

This is a play based day home. The children have the freedom to play and learn as they want.

Chayce works one on one with each child each day doing the activity the child sees fit.

Chayce focuses on  teaching kindness and a love for nature.


Starting Sept 2020 Chayce will be offering a Preschool Program to those interested at an extra fee. (2.5 years or older) .

Chayce will be following the Habitat School House's Preschool curriculum as well following A Year Of Forest School by Jane Worroll & Peter Houghton.

Preschool will be 3 mornings a week for 1.5-2 hours. 



Monday to Friday

6:30 am to 5:30 pm.


Evenings, Weekends, & STAT Holidays

*If you need different hours please contact Chayce*





2 Snacks


Play pen/ Bed

Sunscreen/ Bug Spray

Toys & Activities

Advil & Tylenol 

Cloth Diapers

(extra fee)

Not Included:



Baby Bottles


Extra Clothing & Outerwear

Please provide Chayce with a water bottle for your child that will stay in Chayce's home.

Please have your child's bag packed with extra clothes, diapers & wipes and all outdoor wear each day.



7am- Fruit offered 

8am- Breakfast 

*Please arrive on time if you want your child provided breakfast*

8:30am-10am- Free Play/ Activity Stations

*Preschool will take place during this time 3 days/ week* 

10am- Snack

10:30am- Outdoor time 

*Weather permitted*

11:30- Free Play 

*While Lunch is Made. On Thursdays this is our TV time*

12-12:30- Lunch

1:00pm- Nap / Quiet time

3:00pm- Snack

3:30 pm- Story time/Yoga

4pm-5pm- Outdoor time/free play 

*Schedule may differ from day to day. 

Meals , Snacks, & Naps will remain around the same time*



Sample 1:


Multigrain toast or bagel with almond butter & chia seeds

Fresh Fruit


Fresh veggies, hummus, crackers


Noodles with veggies, tofu or beans, and a home made sauce.


Fresh Fruit, Avocado & Crackers

Sample 2:


Organic Cereal with soy milk, berries, and added flax

Fresh fruit


Home made berry muffins

Fresh fruit


Sesame chickpeas ( sauce homemade) with, rice and veggies


Apple with almond butter and crackers

Most Food Offered at Chayce's day home is Plant Based but on occasion it is not. If You require a fully vegan or vegetarian diet please inform Chayce.

Sick Policy

​COVID 19:

  • Any signs or symptoms of Covid 19 and your child cannot attend until a negative test is provided

  • Please check your child/children's temperature each day before drop off

  • Please do your best to social distance so that Chayce's Day Home can remain a healthy place for the children

  • If Chayce's family has signs or symptoms you will be informed immediately and we will be tested

  • Please keep your child/children home if they are sick.

  • Please give as much notice as possible if your child is sick.

  • If you pay for drop in care you will not be charged for your child’s missed days

  • If you pay a monthly fee your fee will remain the same regardless of sick days.

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About Chayce

Chayce is a married mother of two. Chayce , her husband Nick, their two children Colbi & McKinley, and their cat Scuttle live in their home. 

Chayce is certified in CHILDCARE STANDARD FIRST AID. Both Chayce and Nick can provide you with a clean police check upon request.

Chayce's day home opened Sept 2019. Chayce has 5 years professional childcare experience as well as many years of babysitting experience.

Chayce has a passion for the planet and works hard each day to instil a love for our earth in the children in her care.


Amy Parker

Child currently attending Chayce's Day Home

Chayce provides a comfortable and safe space for kids and reassuring updates for parents through the day. Our son looks forward to going to Chayce's and we felt confident in his care right from the start.

Joanne Vajpey

Child currently attending Chayce's Day Home

Chayce is a great caregiver! Our toddler had a tough transition going into his first day home but Chayce persisted, and soon won him over. She kept us updated with honest feedback about his progress and behaviour. Her meal planning is healthy and she provides a fun educational experience.

Katie Smith

 Drop In Client

Chayce is amazing! She loves every child like her own and offers healthy home cooked meals and snacks.  If you're looking for a day home that will nurture your child, this is it!