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Medicated Hospital Birth vs. Un-medicated Home Birth

Updated: May 27

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From the moment I found out I was going to be a mom I knew I was going to get as much pain medication as I could during childbirth. It never even crossed my mind to have an unmediated birth. I didn’t really understood why women would chose to be in pain when they didn’t have to be. It seemed ridiculous to me.

Movies and shows portray childbirth as this horribly painful and traumatic experience. All my life I had been told childbirth was brutal and I should be afraid of it. I was terrified.

When we were told we would not be leaving the hospital without a baby I immediately informed the nurse I would need pain relief.

To ease the pain of childbirth with my son I used laughing gas and had an epidural.

Fast-forward 2 years and there I was at home in a birthing pool giving birth to my daughter…completely un-medicated.

From the beginning of this pregnancy I had planned a home birth. I felt confident that my body and my midwife knew what they were doing. This time around I wasn’t scared… I mean I was nervous… But honestly I was mostly excited. I was excited to see how amazing my body could be. I was excited to work with my body to birth my baby girl. I was excited to really experience birth.

Medicated Vs. Non-medicated



  • If the epidural or other form of pain medication works you should not feel the intensity of your contractions

  • Not feeling the majority of the contractions gives you the opportunity to rest


  • If you choose to get an epidural, you will need constant fetal monitoring , blood pressure monitoring, an IV, and possibly a catheter.

  • Epidurals can make your labour longer ( blocks oxytocin which helps your uterus to contract)

  • You are not able to work with your body through your contractions ( Working with your body makes labor faster)

  • You are not very mobile

  • You will need assistance going to the washroom

  • You will most likely give birth on your back ( Research shows that giving birth on your back: Slows labor, goes against gravity, reduces the pelvic opening, constricts blood vessels causing less oxygen to get to the baby, and makes it more difficult for baby to shift into a better position.)

  • Getting an epidural can increase your chances of a C-section

  • You are unable to feel how to push most effectively

  • You still feel the baby crown

  • Higher chance of ripping and needing stitches because you cannot feel if you are tearing



  • You do not need any unnecessary monitoring

  • No needles

  • Faster Labour

  • You are able to work with your body through each contraction

  • You can move around freely ( I bounced on a ball and walked up and down the stairs)

  • You can birth your baby in whatever position you are most comfortable

  • You can go to the bathroom on your own

  • You can have a water birth

  • You are truly aware how amazing your body is

  • You may not even need to push baby out ( I honestly just breathed my baby out)

  • The connection with your baby after is unreal

  • less chance of ripping and needing stitches because you can feel what's going on


  • You feel each contraction so there is no time to rest

  • You feel the contractions from birthing the placenta ( I didn't even realize it was happening with my first birth. With my second birth I actually had to hand my daughter to my husband so I could get through the contractions)

Hospital birth Vs. Home Birth



  • You have everything and everyone you would need in case of an emergency

  • You have the option of pain meds


  • C-section rate is higher at hospitals

  • You are not allowed to eat while in labour ( and trust me you will be hungry)

  • Staff rotates - you are always dealing with new people

  • The staff doesn't always care or know what you want out of your birth experience

  • Each staff member has their own opinion about everything

  • You will not be given the choice to have a natural third stage of labour. ( birthing the placenta) They will actively manage the third stage of labour ( by administering an injection in the thigh or administering it through IV)

  • Shared space with other patients

  • Breastfeeding is not their main concern

  • No privacy

  • Shared bathroom

  • Staff doesn't always ask your permission to do things. ( eg. Feeding your child formula with out your knowledge)

  • You are not in YOUR bed

  • Hospital controls when you have visitors and how many. ( our hospital wouldn't allow our siblings to come meet our son.)

  • Our hospital wouldn't allow spouses to stay past 11 Pm once the baby was born. ( My husband was sent home and wasn't allowed back until 6 am)

  • You may not get to give you child their first bath

  • You have the option of pain meds (Even if you want to go un-medicated you are more likely to get an epidural because you know you can.)

  • Its way more exhausting being at the hospital

  • Baby is born in a hectic and stressful environment

  • You have to pay for parking the whole time

  • You have to drive home after



  • lower C-section rate

  • You can eat or drink whatever you want

  • Your midwife stays with you throughout your labor

  • Your birth plan is important to everyone there

  • You are given the choice to actively manage the third stage of labour or have a natural third stage. (birthing the placenta)

  • You are in the privacy of your own home

  • You can have who ever you want there

  • You are comfortable with everyone who is there

  • You do not have the option of pain meds

  • You are in the comfort of your home (Being home and in your own bed after the birth allows you to truly rest)

  • You have your own bathroom

  • Your older children can be there ( Our son was upstairs sleeping while I gave birth to our daughter)

  • You have a lot more freedom

  • Everything is a choice ( Your midwife will not assume anything)

  • You do not have to drive home

  • Baby is born in a relaxing atmosphere

  • Overall it is way less exhausting


  • If something goes wrong you will have to go to the hospital

  • You do not have the option of pain meds

Both of my children's births were amazing moments in my life. Both baby's are healthy and happy and I wouldn't have it any other way.

If I were to have another baby I would 100 % do an un-medicated home birth again. It was the most magical experience of my life. I loved absolutely everything about the birth of my daughter. I felt an intense high for days after that I didn't feel with my son. I also had a huge sense of pride. I did it!!! and it was truly wonderful.

No matter how each of us choses to birth our children all that matters is that everyone is happy and healthy.

This Blemished Life.