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Zero Waste - A Journey For Everyone

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

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Zero waste . Zero waste . Zero waste!

You see all these people on Pinterest with their tiny little trash jars .... talking about how they buy nothing , waste nothing , and make everything.

Im here to tell you that is BULL!

Zero waste doesn’t have to be you producing ZERO WASTE.

ZERO WASTE is a lifestyle... a GOAL! It's not about perfection.

So you can’t afford to buy all the fancy zero waste products... guess what ... You don’t need too .

You don’t have time to shop at the bulk store , farmers market , and organic super market...

Me either .

You don’t have the time to DIY everything from toothpaste to pasta sauce to cat food ...

Who does?

Not me .

And honestly even if I did ... I don’t have that kind of energy.

So what if your pantry isn’t Instagram worthy... that’s not what matters . What matters is you are taking steps to help the planet .

Zero Waste is a JOURNEY! Its about LEARNING, GROWING, and TEACHING. It's about leaving the world a better place than we found it. It's about teaching our children how to live a more SUSTAINABLE LIFE.

Zero waste isn’t about buying things it’s about learning to use what you already have .

It’s about becoming a CONSCIOUS CONSUMER . About knowing what goes in and out of your home.

Being zero waste is about being aware. It isn’t about doing the impossible .

It’s a PROMISE to do what you can to reduce your waste and help our planet .

So don't be afraid to start. There's no failing at this journey. There's no right or wrong.

This journey is for everyone ...